Who We Are

As cold water to a weary soul, so is good news from a far country.

-Proverbs 25:25

Water From Afar

Our organization is founded on a very simple principle, if we can provide a safe and quality high school education to a young lady, she will grow up to educate her family and then village, which will change the economic situation in Kenya.

One of the foundations of being able to build a school is providing a source of safe and clean drinking water. Women and young girls are at high risk when gathering water. Also lack of water leads to a lack of sanitation as well. One of the goals in building schools for high school girls is to provide this source of water, in addition to take care of the personal hygiene needs of young woman that are often unmet, leading to the vacating of their educational pursuits.

This organization is made up of a small collection of people from different walks of life that were gathered together by the vision of a deceptively simple man named George. With a broad smile, a big cowboy hat, and an ability to strike up a conversation with everyone he meets, the Lord sent George to each one of us to bring us together for this work.

We all recognize that God has loved us to such a degree, and done so much for us, that we cannot help but be inspired to do something to help others as well. So in grateful response, we have come together to build these schools and dig these wells, in the hopes of establishing a work in God’s kingdom that will outlast all of our lifetimes.

Putting it all together


Water From Afar


Bringing Hope to Kenya


From the U.S. to Kenya


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Because God loved us first


Through Water and Education